So, let me start of by saying I’m Indian. I was born and raised up by parents with lots and lots of restrictions. I wish I could just wake up one day and make some decisions like chopping my hair off or getting a piercing or a tattoo without having to think about what my parents will say or what will my community or church members will think, etc.  But unfortunately, I can’t, every moment i live is sort of reviewed, very well thought ahead of time or else I fall in the trap of being blamed for everything.  Most of my friends turned out quiet fine with life but me not so much.  Why? These darn restrictions.  In the real world, of course I cannot just do all these things I wish too but in my dreams, I live in a totally different world where I don’t have restrictions, I just live life to the fullest, I live my life for the moment, I travel, I do some self-change and no one can judge me. Sure, I lost my touch with my parents and my community and God because of all these restrictions but I’m still a girl with a somewhat pure heart who really hopes one day life will change for the better 🙂

Some restrictions as such:

Not allowed to drink

Hang out with friends after a certain time

Can’t wear what i please

Can’t get tattoos or piercings

The list goes on…..